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Cremations in Archaeology Conference 2024

Lieu de l'événement

City Museum Ljubjana

7.-10. May 2024 in Ljubljana & Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Abstracts can be submitted before 31. January 2024.

CiA 2024
Image : CiA 2024

The 2nd Cremations in Archaeology Conference will take place in Ljubljana and Novo Mesto from 7th to 10th May 2024.

After a successful Cremations in Archaeology (CIA) 2022 conference in Ghent, Belgium, we proudly invite you to the 2nd CIA conference that will take place at two locations, Ljubljana and Novo Mesto, Slovenia. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from different disciplines to discuss and exchange knowledge about cremations. Different topics covered go from excavation and documentation methods, osteological analyses, chronology and funerary practices to isotope studies. We do invite also presentations of interesting (recent) case studies and much more.

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