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L’associazione delle antropologhe e degli antropologi della Svizzera sostiene gli interessi di questa disciplina nei confronti dei cittadini e delle autorità. I suoi membri sono principalmente composti da esperti orientati alle scienze naturali.

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24th European PPA Meeting

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Kamerlingh Onnes Building in the University of Leiden

Paleopathology Association Meeting: 21.-24. August 2024 in Leiden, The Netherlands.

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*The meeting will take place in hybrid format*

The conference will be held at the Kamerlingh Onnes Building in the University of Leiden

CALL for PAPERS is NOW OPEN - please read the guidelines for abstract submission and use the provided abstract template to submit the abstract.

Abstract submission deadline: 01. May 2024

Check out their website and the UPDATED call for abstracts for all information about it!

The PPA meet every year at an Annual Conference in North America. This meeting runs for two-days and includes professional Workshops showcasing new methods and approaches in paleopathology. We also hold Biennual Meetings in Europe and South American (PAMinSA), in addition to ad-hoc Webinars and Seminars.


  • Anthropologia
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