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Bulletin de la Société Suisse d'Anthropologie

Bulletin SGA 2014_1 (n°20_1)

Bulletin SGA 2014 20_1

- THOMAS BÖNI, SUSI ULRICH-BOCHSLER, Unspezifische Osteomyelitis an einem frühmittelalterlichen Kinderskelett aus Ins / BE
- SABINE LANDIS, MARTIN HAEUSLER, Implications of the marked osteophytosis of a proximal Australopithecus africanus femur
- SABRINA MEYER, ADRIANO BOSCHETTIi, RUDOLF HAURI, FRANK RÜHLI, THOMAS BÖNI, A trepanned skull from the 19th century AD found in Steinhausen, Switzerland

Authors: Dr Christine Cooper, SSA
Publishing house: SSA
Pages: 38


  • Anthropology, Primatology
English, German, French