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Rigi-Workshop 2013

Thinking Big in a Small World: Creativity in the Molecular Sciences


Rigi Kulm

The Workshop aimed to address various aspects of creativity in science, including the origin of innovation, the importance of interdisciplinary research, and to promote increased awareness of the importance of creativity amongst students and young scientists. Participants were challenged to reach beyond their own research and to bridge or integrate different fields of knowledge.

Rigi-Workshop 2013 (René M. Oetterli)

Marc Creus and Stefan Willitsch, University of Basel

The three-day workshop took place at the Rigi Kulm Hotel from January 20 to 22, 2013 and brought together a total of 41 PhD students and Post-Docs from different scientific disciplines focusing on the molecular sciences, including chemistry, nanotechnology, molecular biology and biochemistry.

The emphasis of the workshop was two-pronged:
Showcasing scientific excellence in the molecular sciences, providing examples of scientific creativity, the importance of interdisciplinary research, innovation and the exploration of creative or unusual solutions in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, nanotechnology and related fields.
Discussions on the process and importance of creativity. To provide an interdisciplinary forum that will include discussions of whether it is possible (or even favourable) to attempt to promote creativity, including discussions on managerial, psychological, political, economic and ethical aspects of scientific creativity, particularly in the molecular sciences.

Invited speakers:

Tim Hunt, biochemist and Nobel Prize winner
Helmut Schwarz, physical chemist and President of the Humboldt Foundation
Jay Siegel, organic chemist exploring molecular design, chemical synthesis and dynamic stereochemistry
Daniel Schümperli, molecular biologist and member of HUGO, a musical band that transposes DNA codes and other types of genetic and biological data into music

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