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The umbrella organisation of anthropologists in Switzerland represents the interests of the discipline to the general public and the authorities. Its members are mainly composed of experts with a focus on natural science.

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Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS)

Logo von Schweizerische Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften
The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS / SAMW) anticipates developments in medicine and health care, identifies opportunities and risks in research and society, and provides advice based on scientific expertise to stakeholders of the public health sector (including doctors, nurses and other health experts), researchers and educators, as well as to bodies governing the health care system (like politicians and administration on a federal and cantonal level).
SAMS is a government approved institution for the promotion of research. Its core duties include maintaining a high quality of biomedical and clinical research, supporting young academics and facilitating close ties between medical science and its practical application. In addition, SAMS is concerned with reviewing ethical questions with regard to medical advances and their consequences for society, as well as reflecting on the future of medicine. Furthermore, SAMS actively participates in the politicking surrounding academia, science and education, and consults politicians and administration on issues in the field of medical sciences.

Year founded: 1943


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