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Zentrum für Internationalen Gesundheitsschutz (ZIG) of the Robert Koch Institute - Workshop with anthropologists working in Germany in the field of Global Health

The Zentrum für Internationalen Gesundheitsschutz (ZIG) of the Robert Koch Institute cordially invites you and interested anthropologists to the following online workshop: Outbreak preparedness and health emergencies: What has been and could be the contribution of German medical anthropology?

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Workshop with anthropologists working in Germany in the field of Global Health

When: Wednesday, February 2nd 2022, from 10:00 to 17:00 (CET)

With: Dr. Hansjörg Dilger, Dr. Uli Beisel, Dr. Dr. Sung-Joon Park and Dr. Almudena Marí-Sáez, moderated by Dr. Almudena Marí-Sáez

ZIG offers an online workshop through which past experiences and possibilities for future development of anthropology in the field of Global Health, in particular response to outbreaks and other health emergencies, could be put on the table.

The main goal is to enable the exchange of ideas as to why and how to create a directory of Germany-based researchers in Global Health and anthropology who are ready to contribute, including through deployment, to health emergency response globally. Besides exchanging experiences, including on methods, the workshop will encourage participants to reflect on how to carry out anthropological research during health emergencies and outbreaks aimed at mitigating the public health impact at the local level. Furthermore, the challenges related to what is expected of anthropologists and what their actual contribution is, as well as the actual need of creating a network based in Germany, will be addressed.

The workshop is directed to anthropologists having an affiliation with a German institution or working in Germany who have been involved in outbreak response anywhere (including in Germany) or work on Global Health issues. Space is also available for other anthropologists, especially students, interested in the field of Global Health and in outbreak response deployments.
Workshop will begin with presentations about previous experiences and theoretical reflections related to Global Health followed by questions and answers (Moment 1). We will continue with small group discussions on the different challenges related to anthropological expertise during health emergency response and a moderated sharing of ideas on the best way forward for German anthropological expertise in outbreak response (Moment 2). Participation in Moment 2 is limited to 42 participants.

In attachment you will find the workshop's concept note and the agenda with more information.

Please confirm attendance to the presentations and interest to take part in the afternoon session (moment 2 is limited to 42 participants) to one of the following email addresses: <> or <>


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