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Der Dachverband der Anthropologinnen und Anthropologen der Schweiz vertritt die Interessen des Fachs gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit und den Behörden. Seine Mitglieder setzen sich vorwiegend aus naturwissenschaftlich orientierten Fachleuten zusammen.

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SGA Jahresversammlung und Workshop 2023


Irchel Campus, Universität Zürich

Einladung zur Jahresversammlung der SGA und zum Workshop "Ancient DNA Research in Bioarchaeology" am 24./25.11.2023 in Zürich.

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Dear members (and interested persons)

We are pleased to invite you to our annual meeting and workshop on 24/25 November 2023 in Zurich. Please note that the general meeting language will be English to accommodate all our members. However, you are welcome to present your papers in either English, German or French.

On Friday 24 November 2023 there will be a workshop on "Ancient DNA Research in Bioarchaeology". Among other things, we will have a discussion panel in which your questions will be taken up by the experts present (including Verena Schünemann and Albert Zink). Please send us any urgent questions on ancient DNA research that you might have beforehand. These can cover any aspect, e.g. practical, content-related or financial points. Your contributions will be kept anonymous and integrated into a questionnaire to be discussed by the panel. Of course, we also hope for your active participation during the event! A keynote speech by Verena Schünemann will conclude the workshop.

On Saturday, 25.11.2023, the business meeting of the SGA will take place. If you want to add items to the agenda, please let us know by 15 October 2023. There will also be a replacement election this year due to the resignation of Sandra Pichler. Christine Cooper offered to take over the position of Vice President, leaving the position of Secretary vacant. If you would like to stand as a candidate, please contact the Board in advance. We appreciate your interest in actively participating in the work of the SGA Board!

The scientific session will follow the business meeting. We cordially invite you to submit a contribution in the form of a paper or poster on a topic of your choice. Albert Zink will be the keynote speaker on Saturday.

We now offer registration via an online form following this link: Please keep to the registration deadline of 15 October 2023 and feel free to forward this invitation to interested parties.

Finally, we would like to remind you that students can, as always, apply for contributions towards their travel and accommodation costs at workshops and scientific conferences. Details can be found on our homepage

We look forward to welcoming you in Zurich soon. Find the programme here.


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